Kale, Cabbage & Chrysanthemums

And My love for plants and its friends continue to flourish so to speak, 

I ventured today to the markets and purchased 2 cacti, but haven't named them as yet. 

I bought two bunches of flowers which are my fave type o' flowers
1. Kale flowers ( they look like cabbage and are probably mistaken for veggies, in my eyes they are pretty veggie flowers & of course the chrysanthemum (can be hard to spell for some but are most certainly good to look at)

 I was really excited to come home and put them together in my many jars that i have collected for this very occasion.

they turned out - 


My New Best Friend

My New Handy Dandy Best Friend... The Mason Jar

there are seriously infinite uses for these guys, I personally use them daily to bring my home made breakkie shakes or juices to work.

Below are Many many many more uses for them, Give 'em a whirl! 

Light fixtures

Hanging planters

Kitchen Storage

Soy Candles 


My Green thumb

I live in apartment..

cannot wait to have a house and a backyard so i can have my very own Greenhouse
BUT until then i'll have to settle for balcony Gardening.

I am so inspired to start adding more plant life to my veggie garden! (well its my Boyfriends Veggie Garden)
I'm going to make some vertical gardens with herbs and other greens for our salads.
first i'll try some succulents as they wont die straight away and can cope in the weather we have been experiencing lately
And I recently found genius ideas on how to re-use pallets!(Just need to scrounge up some from work)
I have a few things to keep my occupied for a while...


p h o e n i x; the rad frenchman

These guys P H O E N I X ...

I heart phoenix and all of its friends
they rocked it out so epically, 03.03.2010
one of the best night had by all.