Fare thee well 2014

I began the year inspired... inspired to start new projects and get my creative on! i promised myself that I would accomplish a list of things by the end of 2014 

Declutter -[check, WIP]

you see I have a slight issue with hoarding, holding on to things that may be somewhat sentimental to me. On Australia Day 2014 my best friend came over to help me declutter my wardrobe, i binned a lot of clothes (Donated to charity). I had discovered the "Buy/Swap/ Sell" Pages on Facebook. which was a blessing and a curse. I was able to sell off the things i no longer needed, like a bed, my bicycle etc. BUT i also bought a lot of wonderful treasures, some of which you can see below.
This was the beginning of my process of letting go of the old and welcoming the new... yay! now i am addicted to selling things lol 

Sell at local Markets [check]
I have done a few markets now and quite enjoy the experience of the whole day, its a big learning process to be a vendor at the markets. I will be doing a " Markets for Dummies - Tips & Tricks" Blog soon - Watch this space :)

Build furniture [Check]
I managed to build my book shelf, coffee table and Dining table, AND I was able to acquire many wonderful Antique and vintage pieces for my humble abode. 

Left: "Christmas Tree" Made with christmas lights wrapped around Ladder (total space saver!)
Right: Ladder Shelf sourced from Gumtree 
Vintage Ironing board, will re-purpose - Watch this space!
Sourced from Buy Swap Sell 

Mexican-y Mirror for Dining room
Sourced from Buy Swap Sell 

Shabby Chic Suit hanger stand, Missing the Hanger section for Suits
Sourced from Buy Swap Sell 

Left: Dining Table "built/put together" by yours truly
4 chairs from Buy Swap Sell Page Painted White, slightly sanded to expose raw wood
3 wooden planks used for table top, Oiled and Nailed to Vintage Singer Sewing table, sourced from Buy Swap Sell
Persian Rugs, Sourced from Buy Swap Sell
Pallet Coffee Table, Pallets sourced from the street in front of our appartment
Castor wheels from Bunnings http://www.bunnings.com.au/ambassador-100mm-cast-iron-swivel-plate-castor_p3945647

Vintage Singer sewing table - $180 - Antique Store in Newcastle
My Humble Abode 


New Price List! New Products

I am super excited to share with you all my new line of products and updated price list! 

Each pack is unique, and personalised!

New themes available!

Comic book & Rock n Roll theme, watch this space photos coming soon!

Price list 
Pail Bouquet - $150

Pail Bouquet