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me? I AM...

an old soul, in a young persons body, so to speak. 

a homebody and love thinking of ways to make my humble abode my sanctuary. I constantly need to rearrange my house and my room mainly. 

a lover of all arts from my profession of being in the tv & film industry, movies to DIY, Comics to Art museums, photography, Music, you name it!

a Pescetarian (almost a vego, but eat seafood, I will let go of this part of my diet at some stage) - *fingers crossed*

quite content with being behind the scenes, i feel more accomplished knowing that i was a part of something, and watching projects come to fruition instead of being in the limelight.
i like being behind the camera, still, video, or film. 
i like organizing shoots, and making the directors vision appear on screen.'

a tech geek. i am. production or camera related that is. i like loading film magazines 

a Cancerian (creative and original) 
I can be emotionally intense but am quite sensitive and understanding once you i get to know you or vice versa. My Mates know me as a Hoarder & i surround myself with sentimental objects from the past, which include hand-me-downs and keepsakes. Most of my belonging have a story to it!
i am remarkably good at accumulating things and i love love love the Markets and op shops
Usually someone else's Trash is definitely my treasure. - Truly! 

creative and crafty, i like to make sure there is always more than one use for somethings. RECYCLE! 

a DIY gardener, I have my own Balcony Garden, growing my own Veggies and being organic 

and voi la - now you know me just a little bit more. 

(: - a 

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