New Projects and New products coming soon!

Welcoming the new year, i don't do the whole "New years resolution" thing... 

but I have decided to take on some new projects and increase my handmade items soon to be available from my website to purchase popcornromance.com 

  • Macrame Wall hangings, Door hangings and Curtains 
  • Macrame Plant hangers including plants and terrariums 
  • Knot cushions 
  • Soaps
  • Soy Candles 
  • hand knitted scarves (will be available for Winter!) 
Macrame Wall Hangings, can also be used in doorways

Wall Hanging feature

Plant Hanger

Knot Cushion

Soap on a Rope 

Soy Candles

Hand knitted infinity scarf 

Watch this Space! 

x A 


Market Vendors for Dummies

The NYC Big Flea Market - would love to treasure hunt here one day!

I Have had a my fair share of Market days in Sydney, learnt a few things along the way, here are some tips to running a stall at the markets

having a 3x3 Gazebo/ Marquee really helps, not only is 3x3 the general space allocation for most markets in Sydney, it provides shade on a hot sunny day, keeps you dry if it rains, and you can hang items within the structure, or even attached battery operated fairy lights.
Deluxe Gazebo 3x3m for market stalls, camping shelter

Deluxe Gazebo


3 x 3 m. The standard for market stall tents & shelters - tough, durable & easy to set up marquee. Portable shade for camping or beach.

RRP $ 319.95
  • The way you display your products is key to attracting customers to your products. Your stall should be visually appealing from a distance and look fab on the inside too, it should be inviting, have things that will encourage them to stay, i.e coffee, tea, lollies. and dont forget to strike up a conversation!
  • The entry way should be clean and free from clutter. Booths should ideally be set up in a clockwise or semi-circular fashion that encourages the natural flow of traffic. 
  • Table coverings should compliment your products i.e selling white candles, use a dark coloured table covering, ensure the covering is long enough to hide storage boxes to keep it out of sight. 
  • Lighting, take advantage of natural lighting, or use battery operated fairy lights. 
  • Use unusual displays – Ladders, Wooden Crates, Milk crates, vintage suitcase. Show off your creative flair! 
Hang fairy lights to create a mood 
Hang clothes, scarves, jewelry of this versatile baby.  
Use Vintage Suitcases to either prop up products or use open as a $5 Bin
Milk crates are good for displaying Vinyl Records or shoes
  • Use clear Signage, signs that attract customers. i.e EVERYTHING $5, ensure you price everything, some people don't like to ask or are too shy to haggle, 
  •  leave a stack of business cards next to your hand made items.
  • Have a Mirror and portable change room handy, for people to try on your clothes, and have a seat for them to try on shoes. 
  • Smile and greet every visitor to your stall, Be genuine, people pick up on fake greets and when you're only trying to push your products. Even if they don’t end up buying from you, people will remember “experiences”. Something to always be mindful of is that people  remember an experience more than the product. 
  • have samples of your home made products. people naturally use their senses, have products that allow customers to touch and smell, it gives them an opportunity to ask questions and you can show off your knowledge! if you have free samples that will also help! I Make ready made baby bouquets and display them at the market. make at least one or two of your products so people can order or buy then and there. 
  • Network with other vendors; you are not in competition with everyone. 
  • Be nice to your neighbours, make friends who knows, you will most likely see them at the next markets, dont get black listed! 
  • Dress comfortably.
Last but not least, have fun and make most of the day!

x  A.